leigh bowser's embroidered patches

Monday, 27 May 2013 15:00 by  sophie kalagas

Arrested Development is back in our lives, and if you've spent your Sunday on a Bluth family bender, may we direct you towards the excellence of these handmade embroidered patches. A fitting tribute to Tobias Funke and the dozens of courageous Never Nudes out there, you could pop a patch proudly on your denim cut-offs, alongside a portrait of the blue man himself.

Homemade from start to finish, Leeds-based Leigh Bowser has also given the needlework treatment to pop culture icons from Ron Swanson to Buffy Summers, David Bowie and the Log Lady, not to mention a space travelling sloth and your childhood pet. We're falling over ourselves just so we have a tear to mend, but if you'd prefer to keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape, the patches can also be transformed into sweetly stitched brooches or key rings.

Browse the full range of patchy portraits here.

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