issue 55

Hello frankie nation! Issue 55 is on sale today in Australia and there are many wondrous things inside its covers. A jaunty salute to Dr Who through the decades. A non-creepy look at the secret world of ventriloquists. A chat with three queer lady couples about romance and marriage equality. A yummo recipe for Filipino banana spring rolls. A slightly psychedelic look at Cuban propaganda posters. A decent argument for the Beastie Boys being spiritual gurus. An ode to not loving the beach so much. And some hot tips on how to yodel and win at rock-paper-scissors (but not necessarily at the same time). Of course we have our usual shedload of lovely photography, pretty art-crafty stuff, music, travel and mildly hilarious opinion pieces. Oh, and a quick chat with spooky kids' author RL Stine about how to terrify children. Because it turns out we're actually quite nostalgic about things that go bump in the night.





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